Finding my future at 55!!

Hi Brook, so I was married at 20 and 2 kids by 23. Was a stay at home Mom and helped pickup the pieces to help make everyones life run smoother. Unfortunatly to the detriment of myself. When my kids were teenagers I became depressed and found wine. They went on with their lives and I was left with a gaping hole. I got sober but 6 years into sobriety I realized my marriage was strictly for financial safety. I had done odd little jobs over the past 32 years but nothing to give me any experience except in how to support others. I left my marriage and finances were not what I was told so I need to find my future. A way to support myself at 55!!!! I would love to be a coach for homemakers struggling and also people with substance abuse but I am so lost where to even look or if it is just a dream way out of my grasp. Any guidance you can give would be greatly appreciated.