Finding my impossible goal

Hi Brooke,

I am working on my impossible goal. I currently have a thriving business coaching women on the mechanics of weight loss (diet and exercise). I want to move my business more in the direction of what you do – giving the priority to managing your thoughts instead of focusing on calories and squats.

But in my heart, I want fitness and weight loss to be a smaller subset of what I do and start to work on helping moms manage their thought life and have good mental health. That includes blogging, coaching, maybe even (gulp!) podcasts.

So in thinking of how to structure my impossible goal, should I make that goal to be a MomLife coach? That brings up a LOT of arguments in my brain (I can’t do that in a year, I don’t have a certification, my kids are too little for credibility, moms won’t pay for this, the market’s not big enough and the usual I’m not smart/think/pretty/good enough). But I honestly don’t think that can be done in a year. Should I try anyway? Hey, it’s impossible!

Thank you for all you do, so much love for you!