Finding Love

Mind blown by this months overview! That was beyond deep, that was what I needed to hear. Im always searching for things to be “done”. I love how now I know it’s never done, life will enever be perfect>so much FREEDOM this overview brought me. What!!! It’s only the first day of the month! Thank u, on my 8 month and I can’t believe how much I have changed, how much this work has taken me to a whole new being. So exciting.

One thing I’m working on is Finding Love for ALL people. I have found this to be super easy for people I don’t know because I don’t know them (and yes I use to judge people I didn’t even know). Now I look at strangers with compassion and love but not so much for the people close to me. I’m working hard in this area. I feel close to accepting them 100% the way they are and my job is just to love them. What are some thoughts I can course correct myself when these unintentional thoughts come up. How I’ve course corrected on other areas is I just tell myself “thought error” and can be a watcher and correct my thoughts but sometime with the people I love I can’t correct that easy. Should I stop and do a model, sometimes I think maybe this is just normal. I’m a work in progress. Maybe with time this will get easier. I want to love all people now. I’ve realized with this work people need compassion. We all have a story. I want to be compassionate 100%. Am I close? Will I get there? Will it be like a light bulb moment? Coming in August, I’m sure there will be more insight into this in class. Would like to know what I can do for now. Thx Brooke, my mind gets blown daily:)