Finding my zone of genius

I listened to the podcast episode “My Human Life” and looooved it! I have an impossible money/lifestyle goal of being able to experience everything this life has to offer and to not have any financial limits. I get excited about this goal and want to start taking massive action. But then I get stuck on which vehicle/job I am going to choose. I think I’m supposed to have one “foundational” vehicle where I make most of my income and then from there I can branch out to other vehicles. But I get stuck on the first job/business I should pursue, I’m not sure what my best skillsets are so I can work on developing them. I don’t know what my “purpose” is, what my “strengths” are or what contribution I’m supposed to give to the world. I feel like I’ve been pretty average on everything in my life so far. Nothing stands out to me and I don’t feel pulled to anything in particular. I’ve heard Brooke say that she knows her strengths are teaching, coaching, and creating content, so she focuses all her time on those and then delegates the other stuff so that she’s focusing on her zone of genius. I want to also figure out my zone of genius, but how do I go about doing that? Not sure if you can help on this one, but would be great to hear any insight.