Finding my passion and in need of a career change.

Hi Brooke,

I am a high performer at work and have done very well in my career, although I am unhappy, feel unmotivated and want out. I am committed to making change, putting in the massive action, and hard work to break out of my current industry/career- the issue is I do not know what my passion is. The things I know is that I love connecting with people, education/teaching, self-development and I think I would love to “create” something (ie: a program) and be an entrepreneur, although on what? I have no idea… I have meditated, researched, consulted and asked family/friends what I would be good at or what I should create for guidance with no help. Basically what I am saying is, I want/need a change, I am willing to work for it, but do not know where to go… Any suggestions on how I can find my “passion”.

Thanks for your help.