Finding the A et R in models

Hello coaches,

I find very easily the C.T.F in my models, but I find it hard to identify the A et R lines.

For instance, yesterday I had a very tense day, several thoughts were looping in my head, but I stayed stuck at the feeling line :

C. My boss proposed a new mission
T. I am stuck, I will never find again a good position in the firm
F. Panic
A. Being in the feeling of panic/fear/despair, I have sensations in my body (but don’t do anything really, maybe just looking blind and ungrateful at my boss ?)
R. Fear / Unease that shows in my face / body ?

A lot of times, it is as if I were stuck in the feeling, and couldn’t do anything until it has passed. Then my actions/results depends on my willingness to find a new thought or to indulge/loop in the negative situation.

How can I better identify the A and R lines ?

Thank you also for my coaching call with Joan which was very helpful for me to understand that I should not be ashamed of the decisions I have made, It really helped me refocus on my goals 🙂