Finding the idea behind the event or circumstance

I’m having a hard time connecting a previous “idea” to the outcome. In the Day 5 exercise, for instance, I took the circumstance of “walked my dogs.” So would the idea behind that be, “the dogs need a walk”? Isn’t that just a thought? I also went grocery shopping. I think the idea would be, “We need groceries.” But I’m not sure how the thought, “we need groceries” CREATES the trip to the grocery store.

Similarly, I had written down, “I bought a house” as a previous thing I created in my life. I think the idea behind that was, “I can figure out how to guy a house.” Again, I see this as a thought.

Can you provide an example of how this exercise is intended to be completed? I feel like I can’t go on with the exercises for the following days if I don’t really understand how to complete the first few ones. Thanks.