Finding the Result

I am working through a model and am having trouble with the R line.  I moved to a different town recently and was in an accident that totaled my car. I am waiting to get my settlement and do not know what I will get, plus I do not want to get into a car payment over $300/mo. My daughter’s boyfriend has offered to help me but he keeps sending me cars that I feel are out of my budget.

C: My daughter’s boyfriend has offered to help me find a car
T: He is looking at cars that are out of my budget
F: Anxiety
A: I don’t communicate my needs or desires, I don’t ask for help and start looking on my own, I worry about hurting his feelings, I avoid cars and him, I look at cheaper cars, I never run numbers to see what I am truly able to purchase
R: I am not truly looking at my budget

I have not created an intentional model because I sense there is something in this I need to see. Like my thoughts around money. Just writing this has helped, can’t wait to get feedback as well.