Finding the sweet spot for your impossible goal

Just how impossible should an impossible goal be?

For this year, I set an impossible goal of earning $150k in gross profits. I’ll do the calculations at the beginning of next year, but I think I’ll have earned around $30k in gross profits.

For next year, I thought about doing the same impossible goal. But because I’ve worked on believing that goal is possible for the whole year, it feels more like it might be plausible if I work hard and manage my mind.

So I thought of bumping it up to $250k in gross profits because that feels impossible—there’s no way I could do that and I’d fail to reach my goal for sure. Is this the better target to aim for?

I hear of coaches setting their yearly impossible goal and reaching it 3-6 months in. It makes me wonder if they really believed their goal was 100% impossible to achieve when they set it—such as my $250k goal, or if they thought it was “impossibly plausible” like my $150k goal.