finding thoughts

When you advise people in “ask brooke” with the phrase “find all your thoughts about it” are you saying to do a thought download and then do models on all the thoughts? I do lots of models but they all end up being the same. The unintentional models always have “frustration, frazzled and defeated” as the feeling and “resolute, clear and focused” are on the intentional side. But that doesn’t mean I am really changing. I see how if I had those intentional thoughts in my mind for longer periods of time I will gain traction but right now the unintentional thoughts rule the brain power. So maybe writing this paragraph is a good example of a thought download? What else?

C: Unintentional thoughts and urges in mind
T: These urges and thoughts rule my life
F: frustration, frazzled, defeated
A: F it!
R: No forward momentum

C: Unintentional thoughts
T: I’m learning to let the urges come in like waves and trust the process
F: patient, curious
A: Letting urge pass and stay peaceful
R: Go to bed with out binging on candy