Finding your future self

I want to figure out who my future self is to then understand my why and use that to motivate me into massive action. I am currently mastering passive action:)

C – To know my future self
T – Will my ideas be enough?
F – Defeat
A – Start to write things down, judge them, not sure that I have thought of enough things to keep me busy or to fill a life, ask self what I am missing, what questions I should ask myself to determine this
R- Have a list but don’t feel good about it.

C – To know my future self
T – I can go wild and think anything I want
F – Excited
A – Start to write things down, print pictures of these ideas, create an inspiration board
R-  Have a visual reminder of where I want to go.

*this intentional model scares me because I then think…’what am I going to do with this list/board?’ If I don’t do it then I won’t have to take the next step… maybe my real issue is fear of changing myself?  Is that where I should go first?

Thank you:)