Fine tuning eating protocol

I have been intermittent fasting since January 1st with a 6-8 hour eating window. When I began, I did not have a true fast, since I had a cup of full fat almond milk (40 calories, 30 calories from fat) with artificial sweetener each morning. Sort of a “fat fast.” I finally let this go three weeks ago, and now only have water from after dinner until lunch the next day. I still get hunger pangs throughout the morning, but they are brief and just go away when I ignore them and go about my busy day. Does this mean I am not fully fat adapted? Will I always have those hunger pangs come and go, or will they eventually go away? They are not bad at all, I’m more concerned about being fat adapted. I’ve been losing 1.5 – 2 pounds each week (total 19.5 pounds lost – yay!). However, I’ve only lost 1 pound per week they last two weeks and am frustrated by the slow down. Perhaps I need to be more patient? Or start making more changes?
Thank you again for this brilliant program – life changing!!!