Finishing FEBRUARY

Hi Friends!
I really loved the coaching session between Dannie and Rachel Hart. Such intelligent women both.
– Isn’t the point of all this (coaching and selfhelp in general), to feel good?
– Is it? I think it is to feel our feelings
So, I get, from those of us who arrive at Brooke’s tools from a very dark place, all this initial work of realizing that Ts cause Fs, and that we can choose them, is really helpful and brings light into our lives. She is so authentic, sincere and funny, really so refreshing!
However, I don´t quite get the point of expanding ourselves, of creating new things. If everything is always going to be 50/50, why trying to achive things? We don’t have to reach any goal in order to feel good, or proud, or fun. If we want to create value and make a contribution to the world, it is also because of the way we think it is going to make us feel. And we have created that feeling in advance in orden to get there.
So, I get it is perfect for those whose answer would be: I want to reach this goal just because I want to! Or because I have a reason that I like.
But for me, it doesn’t work like that. I can’t find a reason to do anything beyond getting the emotions. I want to enjoy all the emotions that I possibly can (without getting a negative consecuence), and learn how to process the discomfort of the 50% that I won’t be able to avoid, as part of my human experience. This has been my conclusion after working on this month homework.
Thanks for the insight!