My first 60 second plank at the gym

You said to another SCS-er

“What if you told yourself that this is what you are supposed to be feeling right now?”
This is so helpful

I have been working out in a small group with a trainer, and recently I have stepped up my game a bit. I was doing the exercise “the plank” at the end of my work out, and I was really tense, felt every pain in my core, neck and shoulders, and on my second round I gave up after 20 seconds

then I said to myself “what if this stress is exactly what I am supposed to feel?”

because I knew it would be a form of thought work (a lot of my working out is thought work)

and boom I hung in there, relaxed, tried it again, and sort of easily held the pose for my full 60 seconds

There is magic to relaxing into our thoughts and feelings, isn’t there, a healthy state of mind