My first day thought download…(MJM)

“Making decisions on getting rid of clothing will be hard. I will want to keep smaller sizes so I have clothes to wear as I slim down. Same for collage stuff and jewelry-making supplies and stained glass supplies. I want to keep stuff. I need to do this. But I know I will want to keep the things I have for the purpose of using (that I never have) for outdated goals, desires and hobbies. How do I separate outdated desires and hobbies from fibromyalgia/perimenopausal fog?”

What I meant by that last statement is how do I know whether it is outdated because it doesn’t fit my current goals and desires for hobbies and fun or it isn’t being done because I’m all wrapped up in a brain fog and perhaps a little depression (which maybe affects my desire to do things I enjoy)?

So, on the surface I see no factual statements in there–as presently written. If I had to make some facts out of it, they would be these:
* Brooke requires I make decisions about what to keep and what to release.
* I have a range of smaller sized clothing in my closet.
* I have in my storage closet supplies and stuff for making jewelry and doing collages and some glass for stained glass.

Is that the way we are supposed to do it, if there are not actual factual statements as downloaded-we should create the facts out of what was downloaded?

This month is going to be so powerful for me as it is so NEEDED!!!
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The way you have organized it and presented it far surpasses anything I could have imagined about how it would be presented. You are THE rock star of all rock stars!!
Mary in Dallas