First result in scholars!

Sorry I submitted by mistake.

I just wanted to share that I’ve had my first positive result in scholars after only a few days, I joined on Friday and today Tuesday I created a great new opportunity for myself.

Thanks so much for sharing such great tools! My mind is totally blown!!

For the last year and a half all I could think is how bad I am at my job in donor engagement and project proposals but I have followed my interests and signed up to train as a pregnancy yoga instructor when the next course is available next October. I offered to help the owner of the yoga school to secure funding as she would like to start helping those who cannot pay to join yoga classes or are in need. I shared the details of a community foundation who would fund this type of work and we agreed to talk soon.

She asked me to choose which area I wanted to run yoga classes in as she only has 2 areas close by that are not covered by a teacher. I sent her an email explaining which geographic areas I wanted to teach in. She did not reply so after 2 weeks I resent the email. She did not reply. I was worried she did not like my suggestion and that was why she hadn’t replied. This morning I thought maybe she’s just busy I’ll call her and she had simply been traveling and training new teachers and had not seen my email. She then shared her idea to set up yoga for the homeless. I gave her advice on what to include and how to design the project. I followed this up with a text with some more ideas and offered to write the funding application and help research and design the project. We are now meeting in January to see how we can make this happen.

I’m so pleased as I worked in community projects previously for 5 years and absolutely loved it. This idea has made my feel so confident in myself I have planned a 5 year plan already of goals to set up a social enterprise, how to design the homeless project, how to consult beneficiaries and ensure it is beneficiary led and designed, brainstormed others who might need free pregancy yoga such as pregnant women in prison and how to build a donor base to fund this.

The models are below. Hopefully I got this right?

Unintentional thoughts
C: she has not replied to my email
T . She must not agree with what I suggested
F. Self doubt and worry
A. Procrastinate
R. Nothing achieved

Intentional thought
C. She has not replied to my email
T. I’ll call her even if we don’t agree we can work it out
F. Confidence
A. Called her
R. We are now going to set up a yoga project for the homeless together!