First thought best thought

Hi Brooke and coaches. Second month scholar here. So I’m wondering about how to deal with successive/seemingly instant cascading thoughts. I think I need to just keep bringing my brain back to my intentional thoughts when I keep spinning?? And treat my brain with the patience I would bring to my little son learning something new. Do I just engage and do models for all the thoughts that keep popping up? Or do I say “Oops! Not that thought, please” and go back to my intentional model? Here’s my example that led to this question. The first thought that popped up is actually my intentional model. But the many that followed are unintentional.

First thought/intentional model:
C: Nursing 5-month old at night
T: I love this special time with my second son
F: Calm, connected, content
A: Enjoy, focus on my baby
R: Present and relaxed with baby

Almost immediately after thinking this model, the following unintentionals came up:

T: I should work on my article as soon as he’s asleep
F: Anxious about article, anxious about getting him to sleep
A: Check phone while nursing
R: Not present for baby, keep him awake with phone

T: My to do list is so long
F: Anxious
A: Thinking about tasks
R: In my head worrying

And on and on. … So, should I keep running models for each new thought that pops up or redirect to intentional first thought? Or?? It’s like my brain isn’t comfortable enjoying the moment. …