First time I did the model was HUGE

The craziest thing happened to me, I did the model on it, and I’m transformed. Have to share. I went for a drive last night, listening to the last of the “stop overeating” videos. As I was driving along, a car full of teenagers pulls up next to me and this kid leans out his window starts pulling at the skin on his neck, laughing maniacally, and says something to me that I can’t understand. Then they speed up and pull away. I was in shock – what a weird thing, right? And what on Earth was he saying? Was something wrong with my car? Was he, heaven forbid, *commenting on my neck*?? At the next light I was close to their car again so I sped up and pulled up along side and looked at the kid. He was so excited to see me again, gets himself all the way out the window, and pulling on his neck again says, “You have a lot of skin on your neck!!!” And they pull away and turn off around a corner.

!!! ??? Wha? How does this happen??! I mean, how does this kid know that the one thing about my body I’ve gotten the MOST crazy unhappy about is how my neck looks?

But of course, he doesn’t know that. I sat there thinking, well, obviously because I’ve just learned the Secret to the Universe from Brooke, that must be why this has happened. I was almost shaking from the encounter, but I immediately asked myself what thought am I having? I was thinking, “People see me and all they notice about me is my neck and they think it is so hideous they need to comment on it”. Well, HELL NO. I replaced that thought with, “People see what they see, it has nothing to do with me.” And I felt the emotions of shame and embarrassment and horror that had been trying to rise up just melt away. They just vanished. It was awe-inspiring. Then I decided to look at all the necks I could see in all the cars around me, and frankly, we all look a lot alike, and we are all beautiful humans.

I apologize if I’m abusing this forum by telling my story instead of asking a question, but I just had to share because… WOW, right? The model is everything. And now I feel more beautiful, and dammit, I get to love my neck.