First Website Building: How to overcome confusion.

Hello Coach!
I am looking for feedback on my unintentional and intentional models here. Also any advice on how to move into a more intentional model so I can stop being stuck and live my best life!

C: I sit down to work on my first website.
T: I don’t have a clear vision of myself.
F: Confusión
A: External: Procrastinate: Go for a run. Call friends. Clean the house. Cook. Look at other artist websites and compare myself. Watch how to videos on how to build the site and get overwhelmed by everything I don’t know. Look at the artworks I do have and start to spend hours “fixing them” because they are not good enough.
Internal: Hate on myself. Self deprecate about my finances and life choices. Hate on myself for getting even more behind on my website.
R: I don’t have a finished website. I practice hating on myself and don’t give myself the opportunity to get more clarity on my vision, share my work, or increase my income by having a site people can go to.

C: I sit down to work on my first website.
T: Amazing things will happen for me by engaging in this process.
F: Curious
A: External: I focus on the actions I can take: gathering photos of my work, taking the time to write my story and vision. I ask my friend Janeen for help setting up the site. I ask myself curious questions and explore possibilities.
Internal: When I view photos of my work I practice thinking encouraging thoughts. Everyday I celebrate and focus on what I accomplished and learned about myself.
R: I have a finished website. I increase my income because people have a place to find me and buy from my shop. I have a more encouraging relationship with myself and the artwork I create.