Hi, I have just uncovered a model I very often run unconsciously that I use to beat me up.
– C1 expectations (created yesterday let’s say) on what should I be doing at this time of the day today.
– C2 Circumstances are different (say I have delayed things or something has happened)
– C3 I still do the next task for the planned length (say the workout)
T: I am not being reasonable and being flexible
F: immature /shame (Underlying belief : being flexible is what grown-up people do)
A: beat me up
R: I stick = I am proving I am not flexible also in the beating up habit

Underlying this is the shame for “I would like to be a person that prioritizes career over workouts and how my body looks” while my actions say that I am prioritizing the workout and the fear to not being attracted to my body if I don’t. The shame coming from me not being coherent with my priorities.
Ok I know there is a lot, we can also just stay on me shaming myself for not being flexible