flexible fasting window during pms?

hi Brooke!

one of the unexpected wonderful surprises for me since joining scholars in december si has been your take on diet, nutrition, and the amount of meals per day needed maintain a healthy body and weight. as a dancer and yoga instructor i have been collaborating with people in the health industry for several years and i am taken aback when i hear nutritionists promoting flour, sugar, several small meals per day, and insisting on a big, early breakfast. bravo for offering such a great protocol!

personally, i cut out flour and sugar almost two years ago – except holidays and birthdays 🙂 – and regularly fast between last meal around 6 or 7 pm and my first meal of the the next day around 12 or 1 pm. however, some days, usually the week before my period, i wake up really hungry. i try to go as long before eating as i can but i usually can’t make it past 10 am for my first meal. i also still crave bread and sweets during pms, although less than when flour and sugar were in my diet. i have tried starting my meals earlier and ending them earlier in the day but i am usually up for another meal at night during this part of my cycle. when i give in i feel horrible the next day because i am unable to digest my food properly as i sleep, retain water and feel super bloated, and have low energy. in addition, i often gain about five pounds during this week! although i am technically ‘slim’ this throws me off when i teach and my clothes feel tighter and uncomfortable!

Would love your thoughts! xoxo