Fluid retention

Hi, I am struggling with fluid retention and leg cramps at times. I am following my protocol, my Intermittent fasting and am slowly loosing weight. My question is that I have leg cramps at night and feel fluid retention in the mornings. I am drinking electrolytes and water. I’m kind of confused because I feel like I’m not eating anything that should be making me retain water. Is it part of the “using fat for fuel?”

Sometimes I will drink 3 or 4 quarts of water during the day and it’s still not really going away. I do kind of struggle with salt. I’ve never been a big salt eater, but shouldn’t there be enough sodium in the electrolytes? I feel like sometimes if I eat too much salt, like adding it to my water, or not eating any salt and just what’s in the electrolytes the fluid still seems up there. It’s hard to get a accurate weight because of the fluid. Thanks so much for your insight.