Focus and Buffering

Hi Brooke,
I decided that this year would be dedicated to working on me. However, I noticed that I find this really difficult because I feel like I should be doing more. So while I do the SCS homework, I spend a lot of my time business planning. Although, it seems productive I know that for me this is a form of buffering because I’m not focusing on what I decided I would.

How do I coach myself out of this idea that I can’t just do one thing, and the world isn’t going to end if I delay starting a business.
I’m always making impulsive decisions, which work great for a short period of time but then I’m on to the next thing. Ex. Moving state to state, changing jobs, abruptly ending relationships, etc.

Here’s what I’ve started with:
C –
T – I can’t focus on just one thing
F – out of control
A – dabble in many things, gain surface level understanding
R – don’t focus on just one thing

C –
T – it’s possible to focus on one thing
A – plan to focus, eliminate other decisions by sticking to a plan
R – focus on one thing