Focus on thoughts feels like a spiral

Hi there,

I’ve been doing semi-regular thought downloads and trying to build awareness of my thoughts – and through my 20-minute coaching calls I’ve had some guidance to try to just practice noticing these thoughts, rather than immediately trying to change them.

I feel as though I am spiralling though! The more I focus on my thoughts, the more aware I feel I become of how in so many (all?!) areas of my life I’ve been thinking and acting in ways I’m not proud of – and I look back on my life and the thoughts/actions there and feel so much regret.

I have a pretty solid history with depression and anxiety, so perhaps this is my predisposition – but I would love some guidance…!

How and when do I start turning this around?

I have had a few attempts at coming up with new thoughts and beliefs, but get quite stuck. I think I am also jumping from one course/piece of advice here to another to try to find the big fix.

Is there a good place you’d recommend starting?