Focus re calls

I have been in scholars for 3 months now. One of the things that I am noticing is that while I am finding value in listening to all the calls, I also recognize that now, this might be a way that I buffer. Making the schedule of calls my priority over doing the work in my life. So I originally came to scholars for the SOE work and I’m not really doing that. What I am doing is really well is staying on top of the calls/recordings, but that’s not really moving me forward with my goals. What might you suggest here?

C: Scholars
T: I need to keep up
F: expectation
A: Listening to all the calls, not doing the monthly work in it’s entirety, not following protocol with the OA, learning more about the model, getting some insights into my own obstacles.
R: Feeling good about staying on top of things, that I’m not “behind”. Not losing weight.

As I work through this here, I wonder if there would be value in my changing my interpretation of SCS. For now, changing my involvement to really be confined to things related to SOE. That would mean I would pause listening to the beginner calls, the study hall calls, the business calls and not have any expectations that I even do the monthly work. Instead really focus on doing what is required of me to work with the SOE. So that would be the live coaching calls, the model calls, the OE/OD calls, the urge jar work (specifically thinking now about May) and then the daily work on my protocol, models, urges, etc.

So my intentional model could be something like:
C: Scholars
T: My commitment to SCS is the key to unlocking my OEing forever
F: excitement
A: Constraint, focus, a tighter to-do list within the program, creating a protocol, staying on protocol, working the process within myself, learning to experience working with urges, change the things I put on my calendar for scholars, watch myself lose weight, want to have more of that (losing weight)
R: Losing weight and feeling proud of myself

I could probably clean this intentional model up to be 3 or 4 or more, but you get the gist.

Would love your thoughts / feedback on this.