Focus on Sugar/Flour Elimination or IF First

I’m new to Scholars and watched the Stopped Overeating Workshop over the weekend. I know that Brooke recommends starting the flour/sugar elimination first and then beginning the intermittent fasting after a month. Last week, I had an A1C test and it read 6.5%, which is the beginning percent for a diabetes diagnosis (waiting for my doctor to return emails). This is after spending a good deal of the last six months cutting sugar and flour, but not eliminating it in its entirety, and losing 15-20 pounds. I know two months from now it will probably not matter which one I started with if I’m fat-adaptive and seeing a lower A1C number. Lastly, I have read Obesity Code and re-read many sections of it over the last 18 months, so I believe in the premise but have not been wholly successful in doing either intermittent fasting or eliminating flour/sugar in their entirety.

What does Brooke recommend when someone is having definite issues with blood sugar or too much insulin?