Focusing on my impossible goal or getting distracted?

Hello Brooke,

My impossible goal and my sentence that I am working on for March are the same: “We will close–or be under contract–on investment properties #s 6, 7 & 8 by the end of 2018.” This work is totally BLOWING MY MIND and it has paid off in spades already and it’s only March (I started SCS in January)!!! 🙂

Right now I am noodling on whether or not to spend money on a networking trip or save that money toward the down payment on #7 (whaaaaat? The $ for #6 UNEXPECTEDLY DROPPED OUT OF THE SKY as a result of this SCS work, I tell you!!) How do I know if this networking event is just a fun “should”/FOMO/distraction for my brain, OR if it’s something that I NEED to do as a part of accomplishing my impossible goal? This isn’t a class or seminar where I could apply what I learn to make that money back like you talk about (and like I have ALREADY done in SCS in less than three months!!), but a strictly networking event…

Thank you!