Focusing on only ONE thing?

So there are three things I want to work on. Only one of these feels big and new to me. I think I have more time than the average person as I’m a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of two. My time is more abundant and flexible than most.

1. Lose the last 10% body fat. (I’ve been on this journey of fat loss for a year and a half and I feel I am on autopilot with it. I just have to keep going for more months.)
2. Continue learning Spanish (I have 1-2 hours a day I study and that’s all I have to do so I have more time for something else, I tell myself.)
3. Start posting on Instagram, blogging, creating a website, offering services. (This is the big one. I will take baby steps on it each week.)

I want to do all of these, but I am afraid if I try to do all of them I will not get movement on any. That is what Brooke and most preach, but I am so sick of thinking about #3 and not taking action. But I don’t want to stop working on #1 and #2.

Am I deluding myself?