Focusing on the Future and Buffering

I’d like to better understand this tendency I have to think it is better ‘out there’ or ‘I’ll be happy when..’ I joined Scholars a few weeks ago, and I recently had this thought that this is something I do. It started at a young age with “when I lose weight, I’ll be happier/prettier, etc” Since then, I did lose weight & have been at my goal for many years. But this same thought pattern has persisted to some degree. What is interesting is that while there are areas of my life I’d like to continue to grow in…I truly am happy with my life. So what gives here? The latest version of this thought has to do with career/money -as in, “I’ll be happy when I’m a coach making millions of dollars as an entrepreneur.” A thought model on this I did recently was

C – status quo (i.e., career situation remains ‘as is’)
T – I need to make millions to be happy
F – striving
A – quit current job to become entrepreneur; take lots of classes; hire a coach to help me; spend $
R – avoid making ‘current life’ even better – create all this activity to avoid my life now

As I read this thought model, I am curious about why I think it will be better ‘out there’ and what I may be avoiding or not wanting to deal with. I am someone who is growth-oriented, I love to have goals to look forward to and achieve but is there something else going on here? Some questions I am wondering about:

Am I trying to avoid dealing with my present in some way – so it is easier to focus on some imaginary future?
Is this thought pattern an example of striving for more and setting new challenges or something else?
Am I making things way too complicated?