Follow-up on April’s homework for accountability

Hi Brooke,

So I did wake-up at 5am…yay! I think I was making it harder in my brain than it actually was lol. My results are: I accomplished everything on my schedule, except I forgot to bring my 4 bananas for lunch (so I ended up skipping lunch all together and ate 2 of them later for dinner when I got back home— surprisingly I wasn’t that hungry). I did get a little sidetracked and popped onto Facebook for about 40 minutes in the evening and got sucked into watching a Facebook Live, which caused me to go to bed 30 minutes later than planned.

But all in all, I’m pretty proud and surprised that I stuck to my schedule so closely. I felt like singing the “All I Do Is Win” song at the end of the day, because I felt so productive and on fire. I did notice that I forgot to add exercise (walking at the park/ doing yoga from my Yoga app), and that I need to tweak a few things on my list like cold calls. I had no issue making cold calls, I just need to create/refine/find a better cold calls script for more effectiveness.

I know you said to add in more fun/down time and that’s something I’ll have to work on, because I love my job and what I do—I find work fun. I did add 15 minutes of Facebook time in today’s schedule. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.


What’s wrong with bananas for lunch? I’m not drinking banana juice. Or maybe the better question is, what’s better than bananas for lunch? (Please keep in mind, I’m a vegetarian 🙂 ) Also, I haven’t watched/completed your Stop Overeating class as money/sales (not weight) is my singular focus. I’m open to hearing your suggestions and thoughts on it though.