Follow up on IF book recommendation

Thank you, yes, had I not gone through SCS I would be more concerned with conversations I have been having about my weight loss. I totally agree with you and approach the person with compassion and curiosity. I think that is why I only reveal info in small bites (pun intended!). I figure if someone is ready they will seek more info. I have listened to you for a few years now and very happy to be in SCS. Truth, I never expected to give up sugar, flour, or dairy and then on top of that try IF. It was so foreign to me too! I really wanted to manage my eating (-2 to 2 hunger scale), learn to control my urges. I had no idea the freedom I would experience and how it really does feel almost effortless when my mind is aligned with my body. Truth is, I have never felt so much energy at work when I skip breakfast.

I am currently working on my future self – in my past I was a yoyo dieter and athlete. Sometimes I feel scared that I will overeat again and repeat my past pattern. I am more clear with how I “talk” with my future self and don’t see it as a problem but I can’t help to wonder down that path. I still have the dieter mentality and was struggling with snacking or not snacking in order to get to my goal faster – both you and Pat pointed that out to me. I am also planning to walk a marathon March next year, so I am also trying to figure out my protocol with training. The thought, “I don’t want to regain my weight,” makes me feel scared.

But I feel more prepared than ever to follow a protocol and manage my thoughts. That gives me comfort.

Thank you