Follow-Up: Carpe Diem or Patience?

Invaluable feedback, thank you. Indeed my opinion is the one that matters, and it’s my opinion that I’ve chosen the best teacher for what I must to learn on this leg of my journey as I’m becoming the next version of myself. That means truly applying the concepts to life daily daily and benefiting from the wisdom and guidance that you and your coaches share, pointing us back to ourselves to uncover what’s true.

Awaiting your reply, the true emotion behind my desire (start business before completing training) was revealed. Here’s what happened:

1) Randomly opening Dr. Dyer’s Change Your Thoughts, Change your Life (one of my nightly meditations) to Tao’s 15th verse: Living an Unhurried Life: “See yourself watchful, yet relaxed and peaceful; alert, yet unhurried and confident . . . All will be provided in an unhurried fashion . . . Be at peace, give thanks for what is allowing your life to unfold so perfectly . . . Let go of hurried thoughts.”

2) At the next morning’s Study Hall, I mentioned leveraging my current “motivated” feeling across all my goals for fear of it being fleeting. Right on cue Bev says: “Anytime something feels urgent and like you need to hurry, it’s a sign for you that you’re having a thought that is not serving you. Real truth is expansive and permanent. Thoughts of urgency will make your actions scattered.”

3) An hour later I saw your reply about the essential skill of holding space being fundamental to effective coaching. Another proof point that I’m not so much “motivated” as “in a big a** rush” during which I’m neglecting to hold space for myself to just be fully present in this season (for however long is required) to create meaningful transformation.

4) Lastly, I ended up (again, random, but not) in Luke 10:38-41 during this morning’s devotions, which repeatedly appears to remind me of the need to remain still in order to hear and absorb truth, in contrast to what has been my bias for action.

Perhaps the impossible goal is to honestly surrender my old thoughts and habits, to be exclusively devoted to working on myself, entirely for myself, with no other agenda—not as a stepping stone to coaching others, creating a business or generating income—patiently, consistently, methodically, lovingly with the belief that whenever I’m supposed to show up to serve the world I’ll have done the work to become who I need to be, for me.

With gratitude,
Kelly C.