FOLLOW UP to coaching a man

Hey Brooke,

Thanks for answering my last question!

You wrote, “So if you are committed to coaching without training, you are going to have to clean up your thoughts about it and you are going to have to learn how to keep yourself out of it for the service of your client. You are doing the self coaching perfectly on getting your thoughts cleaned up and that is a great first step.”

I want to come to coach training in 2018 so that I can learn this (among other things) from you and I want to pay off my debt and be able to put aside money to pay for the training. I have committed to building a coaching practice without training for now in order to make money on the side and was wondering if you could help me learn to and practice holding space so that I can show up for my clients in a way that serves them.

How can I do this? What is the next step after self-coaching and getting my thoughts cleaned up?