Follow up on Daily Schedule coaching

Dear Brooke,

Deep thanks for my live coaching last week. Since I was coached by you 10 years ago, I had this crazy thought that you’d judge that I am still working on the same types of issues that I was then. Only love was evident in the video.

SCS appeared when I was really ready to DO the necessary work to get to my goals. Many, many, many thanks. I am allowing all kinds of urges to buffer as I sit here and create a daily schedule that incorporates purpose, play, and family time/maintenance, . Here are the models:

C-Daily schedule
T-I don’t want to be told what to do (even by myself)
F-resistance, fear
A-avoid it ALL
R-no daily schedule

My thought downloads about this were filled with wavering all over the place and my body scan was full of instability and tension. When I asked what might help, I got “a plan.” Just as you advised. So…

C-Daily schedule
T-I am looking forward to direction.
A-create schedule
R-structured days

I also made losing the rest of my weight as my ONE goal. It is enough. Then I have a “here to there” sense to my days.

Also, a brilliant byproduct of the last month when I thought I was off track; without any idea or intention that I needed to focus on money, I am ending August with a positive balance in my bank account and a zero balance on my credit card. I have no memory of that every happening in my adult life. SCS rocks! As do I.

Many (more) thanks,