Follow Up “Ex, flying high, Smack “

Hi Brooke-
I am still unsure on this model about my ex and writing him a check. I understand that this scenario is just fodder for growing into the person that I want to BE. And-I think that even though everything is the same in each model except for the thought and action, that, those two pieces are actually THE most important because they actually will define the type of person that I really am in practice. So, I am actually choosing between two identities here. Identity#1 is able to forgive and release and move on and Identity #2 does the same, and she is also smart and knows how to stand up under pressure.

Identity#2 is me up to now and part of me believes that if I let her go then I will really be moving into forgiveness and peace. And, my other though is that I can have peace and also not write the check.

I think the question is how to use the model to decide between two different actions (and two different thoughts, and thus two different ways of being in this world….)-but I am not sure. I know I am missing something. Perhaps it is that I think that one thought will release me from a “poverty mind set” and the other will not? Everything is the same in the model except for the thought and action, so then…does it just come down to making a decision and going with it? For example:
C: Different Math Calculations
T: thought #1 OR thought #2
F: Peace
A: #1write the check OR #2don’t write the check
R: Feel good about decision and move on.

Thought #1 :I would rather have peace than the money.
Thought #2 : I don’t need to write a check to create my own peace.