Follow-up from live coaching -rewritten coaching request

Hi Brooke,

This is Suzanne, and here is my re-written letter I sent you for coaching from our session this morning (well your evening). WOW I feel like a totally different person having re-written that. I truly feel lighter! Thank you so much Brooke! For anyone else reading this who like me is shy about volunteering for coaching please put up your hand! This experience has been life changing!

I’ve lost 69 kilos (just over 150 pounds) and I am smashing it out of the park on the weight loss front! I’ve totally got this! I will nail this last 30 pounds and then this will be done and dusted! It feels amazing to no longer be buffering with food! I’ve worked hard and (as you say) I’ve blown my own damn mind!

I feel relieved to finally be off the diet roller coaster! I love my parents and appreciate that they did the best they knew at the time starting me on the diet path as a child, but now that I know better, I can do better. My own struggles with dieting have really shaped the person I have become today, and I am excited to use this to help others who are in a similar situation. I have found all the resources I need throughout my journey, including your wonderful work, which has been LIFE changing so HUGE shout out to you Brooke – you’re like my spirit animal, love your work x

I have made some massive shifts along the way, and am excited to uncover a whole new level of me! My last job is no longer a fit for me, and so I release that work with love, and truly wish my old boss the best with her future endeavours (and yes that might sound cheesy, but I truly mean that, and I didn’t even realise that until the call with you so THANK YOU!). My family and friends make suggestions that might not fit with my values and where I am going, but I don’t need to make it mean anything about me, and I love them and appreciate that they care for me.

I feel really excited to be moving forward with my own project, but also really emotional, because this is a totally new direction for me. But it’s ok to be emotional! There are people who are going to love what I do, and there are people that are going to hate it, and either way I am ok, because I love and trust myself, I’ve totally got this! I feel really passionate about what I do, and if I can just help one person who felt like I did move forward on their path, then it is totally worth it.