Follow up on money mindset

A couple of days ago, I posted about feeling resentment toward my husband’s new business and fearful about money. You provided me some great feedback and asked what other thoughts were going on that’s causing that fear.

I didn’t even know I was having these thoughts (but you knew they were there). This is the model going on:

C: Money
T: I am trapped (This comes up both related to my earning and related to my spending)
F: Afraid
A: Spending and earning without enjoying
R: I feel more trapped by my money

This thought comes from my childhood. My mom always expressed that she had to work and didn’t want to work. She spent money, but then felt like a slave to her work so she could keep up her lifestyle. I didn’t even know this thought was with me. It isn’t a true belief for me, but rather her belief. This thought was actually an easy one for me to change once I identified it because it isn’t even true for me.

New model:

C: Money
T’s: I love to earn money and add value to the world. I love what I spend my money on. I love to financially support my husband while he makes this business change. (maybe I should put all of these into different models, but most all of these thoughts give me the feeling, so I put them all here).
F: Joy
A: Earning and spending with enjoyment
R: I love money even more.

Thank you for your help on this one!