Follow up to "Problems with Marriage and Drinking" and help with a sentence to believe for March

Hi Brook,

Thank’s so much for your response. I going to love this months work. Right now I really need to manage my over drinking but I’m not quite at the place where I can imagine and/or want to completely stop. I want to be able to have full control over my drinking. I want to be able to stop when I plan to and drink when I plan to. I don’t want to drink to avoid pain and I’m really tired of the bloaty feeling the next day. Is this just an easy way out for me? I want to be able to appear in control, sophisticated and confident enough to know when to stop at home and when out with friends and family. What would be a clear concise one sentence to focus on for the month of March? Am I just kidding myself thinking I can do this or is it easier to stop completely? I know you can’t answer the last question for me but any guidance on a good sentence.