A follow up question as to the previous question about changing up my drinking plan.

Is it more important to change how many times in a week someone drinks or the amount. Stopping Over Drinking for me means I want to stop drinking everyday or drinking just because it’s TUESDAY! I think if I was hearing correctly, that you said to someone…it does not matter how much you drink but you have to stick to your drinking plan. I don’t mean like yes, I’ll drink a bottle a night because I can. I just want to know at the beginning for me it seems harder to focus on the amount then how many days (and I can’t figure this out because in the past I could never go a day without drinking NO MATTER WHAT I TRIED!!!). Now starting out I have gone up to 4 days without drinking). I am feeling the urge when others are around me drinking but I’m not not saying that I’m not looking around like, “I would be drinking now and I’m not and I can feel the compulsion but I will not react to it” … (not white knuckling) just committed. So going from a person that drank 3 glasses in 7 nights to 3 glasses in 2 or 3 nights…I feel like that is huge. Should’t I focus on the most important aspect for me right now which is the amount of nights in one week I drink while throwing myself into alcohol situations as opposed to I want to drink far less nights in a week AND cut the amount of alcohol as well on the nights I planned? Whew! It seems overwhelming to me and riskier that I will turn to apathy which I DON’T WANT. I’ve always been an all or nothing person my whole life and I don’t trust myself that all or nothing (days and amounts) won’t have me repeat old behaviors like… I Can’t so I won’t)
Thanks Brooke x