Follow up question: Quarter 1 25 Failures List Question


I’m confused as to how you responded to this person’s question and told her/him that losing 15 lbs. was not a good impossible goal. I am in a similar situation and my impossible goal was to lose 15-20 lbs. and keep it off the entire year. It seemed like a great impossible goal for me because it’s the largest weight loss I’ve ever had to do and I’ve never been able to keep off weight. I’m also a binge eater and yo-you dieter so part of the goal is to not only lose the weight, but become that type of person who doesn’t even think about food anymore, where it’s not an issue.

I’m curious though. Why did you say this was not a good goal to have? I am 5’1 and 135 lbs; I don’t want to lose that much more and it seems like it’s a huge challenge.