Follow Through

I struggle with focus, follow through and sticking to my plan. I understand the importance of planning and routines and I actually enjoy the process of creating, thinking through and writing them out, but then I might do them for a few days and then forget about them. I know that not doing what I said I was going to is my way of avoiding the discomfort of doing something I don’t feel like doing, but I’m wondering how best to manage it when it inevitably comes up.

Here’s how things usually go :

I decide ahead of time what I want to do on a particular day
The day comes and I look at that to do and think things like: ” I dont feel like doing it. I should do this instead. I’m not sure exactly how to start. I’ll do that later. I don’t have the energy for that right now.”
I choose an easier or more passive task and do that or start doing something not on my list but still “productive” like cleaning up the kitchen
At the end of the day or week, I feel overwhelmed/disappointed b/c i haven’t crossed off enough things from my list that I had said I would get done and consequently dont move my business forward as much as I know I could

Do you have suggestions or a process for what exactly I should do when those thoughts come up. They come up frequently and I know I need to be ready with a plan to manage them and get past them. So far, I’m at the point where I’m noticing that they’re there, but i’m still letting them dictate my actions (or inaction)

When the discomfort comes up, do you recommend sitting with it for some time before moving on to work? or quickly notice it and get to work right away? or be ready with some thoughts, have them handy and read them repeatedly? Do I need to have my compelling reason written out so I’m constantly reminded of why its worth it?