follow up : Is wanting to feel full an urge? (NP)

I have great results with “stop overeating” (-20 kg since October, 7 to go) but I am still obsessing about food. In March you advised me to try for 2 weeks to eat from -4 to +4. I dit it and here are the result. The weight loss went as usual (these days it is -1kg every 2 weeks, which I find great). But I am still hungry in the morning and thinking a lot about food. Moreover I have digestion issue easily when I reach +4 (I tried adding vegetables and adding fat), which I didn’t expect. I began IF 4 years ago (basically eating just lunch and dinner, with the occasional 24h fast) and I like it. But I am still hungry in the morning (not every day, not all the time, but significantly) especially when I am losing weight. Since I am approaching my goal weight I want to adjust my protocol for it to be 100% sustainable in the future.
After diving in the SO Masterclass I tried something new three days ago : reverting to my previous quantity, but adding 2 Tsp of cream in my tea/coffee in the morning. It seems I am doing great, but I will let you know in two weeks!