[ Follow up: Model on treating myself and not enjoying it ]

Following up on this topic: Model on treating myself and not enjoying it.

The coach asked me the question: How to take a break and care for yourself WHILE staying on the protocol. What might that look like?

I tried to think about it and maybe because it is such an ingrained pattern in my brain – I really couldn’t come up with ideas that would match the pleasure of the old habit of going to the cafe and eating the cake. I do love to make art, read a book – but can you please help me with brainstorming some ideas here from your experience or from your clients’ experiences? I came up with wine – which is a terrible replacement for cafe/cake.

I also feel that going to the cafe is a problem from multiple points: I don’t like to spend my money on those things especially when it’s due to impromptu impulses. I eat more than I’d eat at home. I give into my urges. So I want to build a habit of enjoying simple pleasures in life – like people used to in the old times when there were no cafes. I’d love to know some suggestions and any other guidance you think fits.