Follow up models

Follow up question from Masterclass. I wanted to leave being able to generate unconditional love for my husband in the midst of a difficult year. He is uncertain if he wants to be married.

What I’ve noticed is that what I really desire the most is to love myself unconditionally. I’ve been practicing that, and just wow. This has not alleviated the 50% of negative emotion in my life, and I’m so glad I learned that before getting to this point.

My main focus is still stopping overeating. It’s been amazing to be able to accomplish this during the circumstances of my life (both the true circumstances, and the ones that are thought based).

I am noticing that I do at times experience limitations (again thought based) on being able to both generate unconditional love for myself and for my husband at the same time. I know these are fear based thoughts about not knowing a future outcome – will we be married, will we need to move back home, etc.

I am working on a new model that allows for both the reality of the situation today, patience for the outcome I want and acknowledgement that I am 100% responsible for the outcome.

I tried to make one mega model, but needed to break into 3:

C: Life
T: I have all the time I need
F: Freedom
A: Use my time productively to achieve my goals
R: I actively allocate my time based on my priorities

C: Marriage
T: I’m right where I’m choosing to be
F: Love and peace
A: Love husband every day
R: I am choosing to give my marriage time

C: Unconditional love for self
T: I choose to love myself regardless of what other people say, do or think
F: Love
A: Continue massive action on stopping overeating
R: Loving myself unconditionally

Any wisdom to add?

Wendy in Scotland