Follow up on $200k creation – possibility & hard vs easy

Thank you so much for your insight about the $200k subject so far.

Here are answers to some of the coaching questions I got.

One piece of coaching I got was:

> Your brain is making the stock sale mean it’s the only way to make $200k. Remember that’s an optional thought.

And this prompt:

> If you could create $200k in any possible way you wanted to, what would you choose?

Here’s what I would choose:
– If I could make $200k (and more) selling jewelry, that would be great
– If I could make $200k investing in real estate, that would be great (I already think that I can do that)
– Let my husband make a salary in his job and split our income
– Continue to receive dividends and enjoy the gains from stocks I’ve invested in
– Try out calligraphy, see if I like it enough to sell my services
– Explore the world, and come up with some more fun ideas, some of which might end up becoming businesses

I love these questions because they point out that while I do think that I could create $200k in a lot of different ways, I’m pretty attached to getting the $200k via the stock sale. And the reason why is because it feels easier than the other options. And it’s like a “bonus” I’d be giving up if I didn’t stay to get it. This is where the regret is – I think that I’ll later think to myself “I should have just stayed a few more months to get that $200k”

Here’s my model on that:
C: $200k option
T: It’s a “bonus” I’d be giving up if I didn’t stay to get it
F: Pressured
A: Stay at my job, keep thinking about whether I should stay or not, do not engage in a lot of my interests because I tell myself I don’t have time, dislike my job since it’s feels like I have to stay
R: Not quite sure – I give up something? I give up exploring my interests (but just for now – I’ll quit eventually). I give up exploring my interests right now.

Here’s my story about why it’s easier to get this $200k using the stock options:
I’m already working here, I just have to keep working here to get that $200k in stock sales, I can manage that.
It’ll be super hard to get $200k in another way.

I think the reason this comes up for me is because I keep hearing narratives like the following list and probably I’m internalizing them incorrectly:
– the currency of your dreams is a difficult emotion
– it’s not better over there
– it’s the same there as it is here
– business is hard to do (this is not coming from SCS, but it’s a thought I’ve picked up from other sources and my brain has found ample evidence for)

So, from my current mindset, it seems the easiest way for me to make $200k is to stay and and hope for the best with these stock options.

It also feels like the $200k in the other areas is not super guaranteed, it might not happen. I’m thinking of this $200k by selling my stocks as “pretty much going to happen, just need to wait” and $200k in other areas as “maybe, potentially could happen, maybe not, requires a lot of work”.

I see that in fact those are thoughts and I could just as easily swap the thoughts about the two circumstances and they’d still ring mostly true to me.

But yeah, I think a big piece of this is just not seeing that the other ways of making $200k could really happen. That they’re real possibilities for me. They seem out of reach, hard to get to, and even if I work diligently at them, it’s a toss up whether I get that result or not.

So of course of out this model I don’t work on those options, I don’t quit my job, and I continue to rely on this $200k stock sale possibility since it just seems the most possible in my mind.

The next thought I have for this is: I’m willing to see that $200k by selling my stock might in fact be the hard way to get $200k. And the other ways are easy, and I’m not allowing them to happen or to be easy.

And I’m kinda thinking a coach might ask me “why is it bad for it to be hard?” and the truth is that I just don’t want to struggle anymore, I don’t want to suffer. And if creating a business and making money is hard work and mostly difficult, then I kind of want to not do it. But I still want the money, hence choosing this $200k selling stocks option.

Of course, I see the result I’m creating here, which is that I’m struggling where I am. I am choosing the option of $200k, which obviously is pretty difficult for me, and I keep having a lot of drama around it, so I’m creating this struggle for myself right now.

But, I’m having a hard time switching to a model where I create $200k in any other way since it doesn’t seem easy at all. So if it’s all the same, the stock sale is the easiest option from where I stand.

I am currently not seeing that it could be easy. That it could be easy to make $200k in any given way I choose. That I wouldn’t regret not “just staying a while longer” later, when I’m the midst of hard things, trying my darnest to make $200k.


Ok, so I’m seeing two different things at play here so far: the possibility of even making the $200k in other ways, and the ease of creating $200k in any given way.

Would love more coaching on this, thank you so much!