Follow up on boyfriend lying about owing a lot of money.

Hi, I recently asked for help regarding a situation with my boyfriend who damaged a rental truck($4600 worth) and didn’t tell me for 3 weeks. You guys gave me great coaching on I get to choose my thoughts and what I want to focus on.

This morning I asked him if there’s anything else he’s not telling me and he admitted to taking out a credit card to buy tools for his business 10 months ago. He’s been paying it off and I didn’t know about it. He claims that in both circumstances he didn’t want to tell me because he knew I would get very upset. He was feeling fear and shame (which he told me) and those feelings drove his actions and results.

I think he betrayed me and I feel sick inside and now I don’t trust him. I want to do work on this because I’m really lost. I don’t know if I’m staying in this relationship because I’m afraid of being alone or I’m afraid of not being with him. Any advice on a model or a bridge thought would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!