Follow up on "free money"

(Hi! I think I may have submitted this question already, but I don’t see the response in ask-a-coach right now. Could you please re-post it if it’s already been answered? Thanks!)

In my previous ask-a-coach I got this prompt:

> What is “free money”? What does that phrase mean in your mind? Why is the money being earned through your job “free”?

The background is that I can potentially receive $200k as payment when selling my stock options at work. They are not currently for sale, so I’d be waiting to do that.

The reason that $200k feels like “free money” is because I’m not doing anything “extra” to get this option. The thing I’m doing is staying at a job, where they’re paying me my salary as usual, and if I stay long enough / the cards line up, then I’ll also get this $200k.

Would love some coaching around these thoughts. Thank you!