Follow up on New Job Question

Hi, I recently asked about how to decide whether to take a new job during the pandemic. The general response was that either decision (to stay at my job or leave for a new one) is right if I like the reasons for doing it. Yesterday I felt certain I would take the new job. Today, after speaking with my current boss about growth potential, I now feel the opposite. I’m worried tomorrow some other piece of info will come about and I’ll change my mind again. I know my brain is looking for the 100% guaranteed easiest answer and that doesn’t really exist, it is up to me to decide what that is. Where I’m struggling now is that I like my reasons and the corresponding feelings they create for both staying AND leaving. So how do I create the certainty I am looking for? Should I be doing a model on every one of these reasons? I can’t go on like this much longer, I will obviously have to give them an answer soon. Thank you!

Reasons for staying:
-Well paid
-Love my coworkers and boss
-Flexible schedule, work from home
-Comfortable with the job duties
-Promotion coming in April

Reasons for leaving:
-Company struggling a bit financially, what if they get sold?
-Promotion may not happen due to the above, or it may happen but with little to no raise
-New job pays more and is also remote
-New job is with company that is doing very well financially
-New job includes automatic 2 level promotion, no waiting til April

C: New job offer
T: I like my reasons for both why I would and would not take this new job.
F: Conflicted, indecisive
A: Create pro/con lists, ask opinion of others, try to predict or visualize the future results of each path, do models on each choice and the thoughts they create
R: I remain undecided