Follow up on "Sister unconditional love/…"

Love SCS and your body of work, thank you so much for the previous coaching on this. I want to create a boundary with her, and listening to your Podcast on boundaries has been really helpful.

Given that the previous conversation with her was via text, my plan is to text her the following: Hi, I just want to tell you that I love you so much….and let you know of a boundary that I wish to set between us with respect to the type of language you use with me. The next time that you berate and insult me (for example, calling me negative names such as pompous, passive aggressive, unprofessional, etc), I will point out these negative words and then block you from my phone for a few days to give me the space I need. You can reach me at my 212 number (landline) if you need to reach me for emergency purposes.

This feels good to me, and I’m wavering between not wanting to control her and attempting to control by blocking her. Your observations?