Follow-up Question for Brooke w/ Women & Money Topic

Two follow-up questions regarding last coaching call w/ Brooke : Women & Money.

1. Hopefully this doesn’t sound too “woohoo” but I know Brooke is familiar with Abraham Hicks and Law of Attraction. With the first lady she coached, Brooke tells her she needs to know her numbers. Law of attraction teaches us we need to know the what and why- but do not need to know the HOW as this can trip us up and take us out of alignment since of course we don’t really know the HOW (yet) as we haven’t done it.

So does Brooke feel we actually should always try to know the specific HOW ?

2. With the 3rd lady she coached, she didn’t recommend the ads / going into debt. I’m confused because I thought I remember Brooke saying part of why she feels her business is growing so rapidly is she throws back in $ into ads/getting a new client, etc?

Thanks for your help with this!